Everyone deserves a nice collar!!

Great Dane

Who we are
We are a family owned business with a love for animals. We believe animals deserve to be comfortable and happy, and hope you do too.

Our products
Our business is constantly growing with new products. Most products are made by us so we can control the quality and offer you custom work. 

Rescue Dog Collar

Are you an animal shelter or rescue?
We have special pricing and special products just for you! For more information click the link below.


Do you want know about Pet friendly events in the Pacific NW, check them out here. We go to many events, find out where we will be next and come see us!  

Pet Reources
Pet Medical Care
Positive Training
White Great Dane, Casper



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Happy Llama

Pawsitive Places

Do you travel with your pet? Check out these listings of pet friendly places in your next destination.

Do you have poisonous plants?

Check here before you have a medical emergency with your pet.

Keep them healthy

It is important to keep your pet healthy. Here is information on health, vaccinations and keeping them safe

Positive Training

Animals respond faster and you have a better bond with positive training. You both will have more fun.

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